(Niet) daten in Londen?

(Niet) daten in Londen?

Yes. It is. There are a number of reasons why dating in London is hard(er). Here’s why:

1. People are not in London for the long haul
London is such a transient City meaning dating and relationships can be très difficile. At least if you're looking for something long-term. People eventually go back to where they came from or they plan to do so and a relationship then isn't 'the right time'.

2. Londoners are already in a relationship... With their career.
Tube, work, dinner, work, sleep, repeat. Londoners work to live. If you start dating someone, you will always and forever be competing with a ridiculous work schedule. Plus, our crazy work/commute hours mean we lack the energy to even notice the hundreds of singles you pass on a daily basis, let alone strike up a conversation with one.

3. Londoners can be unfriendly
I don't mean that we're intentionally unfriendly. BUT when was the last time you said hello to the *hot stuff* you passed on the street? You probably don’t. Because if you dare smile at someone on the tube you are definitely getting a death stare. Comment on something in the Starbucks line and you're just a stalker or weird.

4. London has too many fish...
Having too many options when you're single can be a BAD thing. Why? Simply because we think that there's always going to be someone 'better' lurking further down the bar... Londoners tend to have a 'Trade Up' mentality, be it a job, flat or even a significant other. So 'plenty of fish' isn't necessarily a good thing.

5. ...yet London can be like a goldfish bowl
Once you've settled in an area, be it Fulham or Clapham for arguments sake, you'll come to notice what a small place London can be. You bump into people you know absolutely everywhere and by some miracle that [great] new person that you just meet has invariably slept with your roommate.

6. All the good ones are gone
Ok, this is not a just a London issue and I know it sounds like something that sad lonely people say but in actual fact it may very well be the truest thing ever said.

7. Londoners can be quite selfish
I don't mean that in a negative way. The reality is that Londoners make big sacrifices. We get up at 5am to be crushed against the great-unwashed and leave the office at 9pm all to pay our ridiculous rent. We sacrifice our living standards & personal space to live in a decent zone. So it's no wonder that we get sick of sacrificing, become all 'Me, Me, Me!' & genuinely just want our alone time. A bottle of wine and Sky HD – who wanted a partner anyway?!

8. Tinder
I'm not bashing the app, but it is symptomatic of why dating is so difficult in this town. We are a spoilt and transient people who get bored easily - swipe. A conversation you say – swipe. Not groomed enough I sigh – swipe. Is this what true love is made of!?

9. London has too many distractions
London is a fabulous City full of so much to do. SO MUCH TO DO! Who has the time to see any of the latest exhibitions or concerts AND date? Nah.

Bron: latenightlondon.co.uk